Top BGMI Captions for Instagram – BGMI Quotes 2021

  1. Hope Never Die, they live in You.
  2. To get Bestest, We have to Sacrifice Our Best.
  3. Eat, Sleep, Grind, and Repeat.
  4. Groza Near, You will get Gear.
  5. If You are Camper, You Must Use Diaper.
  6. Keep Calm and have a chicken dinner.
  7. BGMI is not just a game, it is a World.
  8. I don’t need any Scope to Headshot on You!
  9. If You are 3rd Level Helmet, I’m AWM.
  10. First-Shot, First Kill.
  11. First Land, First Kill, Survive Till End.
  12. I Lost because I am a Vegetarian! No Winner, No Chicken Dinner!
  13. The only Female that I can Control by my Hand is Sara.
  14. 4v1 is for Noobs, 1v1 is for Men, Legends Does 1v4.
  15. We are PUBG Players, We Don’t Need Beautiful, We Only Need Battery full.
  16. Rule Of BGMI Just Kills without any Mercy.
  17. I Forgive You Run as Much As you but My AWM Can’t.
  18. IN BGMI My Aim is so Bad, even Some times the Enemies also get Frustrated
  19. Noobs Hide in Gatka, Pro Plays in Pochinki!
  20. Don’t Ask My Degree I am In Conqueror Graduate.
  21. Freefire Requires Free Fire, Where In Pubg You Have To Pre Fire!
  22. AWM Motto: “Come, Zoom & Boom”
  23. If You Want To Grow, Be A Pubg Pro!
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