get Chicken Expert Title in BGMI & PUBG Mobile Chicken Master 2022

Chicken Master & Chicken Expert



  • Open BGMI game on Login in Your Account
  • Click on Mission Option, Present on Bottom Right in Lobby.
  • Click on Achievements Section, then click on Glorious Moments.
  • You will Find Chicken Master Title in Glorious Moments Section.
  • Win 10 Solo Classic Match in the 10 diffent Style as Mention Above in Platinum tier or higher.

Once, you win 10 Solo classic matches in 10 different ways, You Chicken Master Title will be Unlocked.



  • Try to Play Solo Match with Friends. it sounds weird, isn’t it? You might be wondering how you can Play with your Friend in Solo Classic Match? Yes! it is Possible I have Personally Try this Trick. For this, You & Your Friend have to Click on Start Button at the same time. If you didn’t come to at Same Server try this Process Again and Again and at a Time you and your Friend will Come to on the same Server.
  • Don’t go for Kills. Just Play Safe and try to get Chicken Dinner Always
  • Try to get Team-Up with Last Enemy.
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